Required Notifications

Notification of the CACMS may be required in circumstances related to:

  • Changes in enrollment, class size, student distribution and/or the resources to support the educational program.
  • Creation of a new campus
  • Expansion of an existing campus to include more years of the curriculum
  • Changes in curriculum, including a new parallel curriculum, longitudinal integrated clerkships, distributed site
  • Changes in program delivery at any existing campus
  • Changes in governance or ownership
  • Unplanned loss of facilities, clinical teaching sites, or financial resources necessary to deliver the medical education program

Before notifying the CACMS determine whether notification is required by:

  1. Reviewing Section IV of the CACMS Rules of Procedure
  2. Reviewing the appropriate sections of the Required Notification to the CACMS form (see link below)
  3. If any changes relate to enrollment, class size or student distribution, use the CACMS enrollment/class size calculator found here:

To notify the CACMS

  1. Review and complete the relevant sections of the Required Notification to the CACMS form (see link below)
  2. Submit a cover letter signed by the dean and single pdf comprising only the relevant pages of the form to

Direct any questions/comments/suggestions to