CACMS Recognized by World Federation of Medical Education (WFME)

We are excited to announce that the CACMS has met the standards of the WFME and has been granted Recognition Status until March 31, 2034.​

“Recognition Status confirms that the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) is satisfied with the accreditation process, post-accreditation monitoring, and decision-making process of the CACMS as it relates to basic medical education schools or programmes. WFME Recognition Status of an agency confers the understanding that the quality of medical education in its accredited schools meets is to an appropriate and rigorous standard.”​ Excerpt from WFME Certificate of Recognition Status.

The WFME Recognition Programme follows the same principles as a medical school accreditation system: evaluation of documentation, policies, and procedures; a site visit; and a decision taken by an independent committee following pre-defined criteria.

This is a significant achievement for the CACMS and the medical education community in Canada.