Committee Composition

AFMC-appointed members:

Cheryl L Holmes, MD – University of British Columbia
Athena McConnell, MD – University of Saskatchewan
Serge Quérin, MD – University de Montréal
Aaron Chiu, MD – University of Manitoba
Cherie Jones-Hiscock, MD – Queen’s University

CMQ-appointed members:

Marie-Josée Bédard, MD – Université de Montréal

CMA-appointed members:

Albert Ng, MD – Windsor, ON – CHAIR
Samuel Bourassa-Blanchette, MD, St. John’s, NL
Michel Landry, MD, Moncton, NB
Catherine Patocka, MD, Calgary, AB
Alexandra Manning, MD, Halifax, NS

Public members:

Danielle Dorschner, Ottawa, ON
Wendy Nicklin, Ottawa, ON

Student members:

Ayma Aqib, CFMS Senior Representative
Navjit Moore,  CFMS Junior Representative
George Gerardis, FMEQ Senior Representative
Tejeshwer Singh, FMEQ Junior Representative


Tara Phillips, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
Ivy Oandasan, College of Family Physicians of Canada
Jeremy Beach, MD, Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada

Jenna Love, Segment Manager, CMA


Lisa Graves, MD, MCISc, CACMS Secretary
Jill Rudkowski, MD, FRCPC, CACMS Assistant Secretary

Secretariat Staff:

Claudine Le Quellec, Accreditation Manager and CACMS Staff, AFMC
Andrea Segal, MBA, Accreditation Engagement and Analytical Specialist and CACMS Staff, AFMC
Cindy Brassard, Accreditation Specialist and CACMS Staff, AFMC
Reham Abdalla, Accreditation Coordinator and CACMS Staff, AFMC